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Music MTV: a pop culture revolution
Music The audacious taste of “Funky Claude”
Penny Lane Sign in Liverpool
Music Beatlemania
Music Brazil’s African Heritage

MTV: a pop culture revolution

Designed to expose music videos to a mass audience, MTV popularised a medium that possessed a marketing potential equal to its artistic potential. It operated as a vital promotional platform for global artists and labels alike and became the nucleus of pop culture…

The audacious taste of “Funky Claude”

Who would have thought that “Funky Claude Nobs” was the son of a baker and a nurse? Audacity and tastefulness is what this man had always managed to have, no matter the circumstances…


In the autumn of 1963, a raging epidemic was spreading rapidly across Britain and the European continent and would soon conquer American soils. This frenzied mass hysteria, never witnessed before and never to be seen again was summarised in one word: Beatlemania…

Brazil’s African Heritage

I admit – to simplify the entirety of Brazilian history to the life and career of Gilberto Gil would be quite a reductive gesture…

The revolution won’t be televised

Turbulent genius, free spirit, and accomplished artist, Scott-Heron’s legacy could be seen as part a movement far greater than his own existence…