Fashion & Mode Rap and fashion: the story of an unexpected convergence…
Fashion & Mode Ms. Yueh-Ling Huang
Fashion & Mode Jade Chiu (Part 3)
Fashion & Mode A History of Pocket Squares

Male Fashion Model Posing with Suspenders
Fashion & Mode Suspend yourself
Fashion & Mode Taiwan, Fashion, and all of its Glory
Fashion & Mode The Birth Of Denim Jeans

Rap and fashion: the story of an unexpected convergence…

Kanye West seated in the front row at the Vuitton show, posing with Riccardo Tisci in Vogue, then, ASAP Rocky wearing some Margiela outfit… Indeed, the ties between rap and fashion are becoming closer…

Ms. Yueh-Ling Huang

Yueh-Ling Huang just graduated from the Fashion Design department of Shih Chien University in Taiwan. Thanks to her passion and exquisite talent, Yueh-Ling Huang was invited to participate as a designer in the Beijing Fashion Week and she also made three apparitions into the final stage of the Shih Chien University Fashion Week competition for students. Now she keeps crafting her skills and her creativity for Fashion, working as a Fashion Product Planner and as a model.

Jade Chiu (Part 3)

Alchemic, evocative body adornments with an Eastern zodiac obsession.

Time travel

Today, the practice of collecting information and attempting to spot a pattern or a trend in modern watch design will irresistibly lead you to one consensus: aesthetic appeal over functionality…

A History of Pocket Squares

Origins of the pocket square date back to the ancient Greeks, when the wealthy would carry perfumed handkerchiefs on their person as early as 500 B.C…

Suspend yourself

Most men in the world today wear a belt. I guess it is common to use a belt to hold your trousers up. But at one time this was not so common…

Taiwan, Fashion, and all of its Glory

When I hear the words “Asian fashion” I characterize them as electric and having a newness in the field of style and dressing, such an abstract taste. Words that have just enough potency to move the “now” to a “next”…

The Birth Of Denim Jeans

Denim jeans represent one of the most unique items of clothing ever to grace worldwide wardrobes. From rural farmer to urban lawyer, from housewife to heiress, denim jeans unite all walks of life in a way that no other fashion has ever achieved…


What is it that Napoleon III, the Russian tsars, English kings, the last four princes of Wales (George IV, Edward VII, the Duke of Windsor, Prince Charles and other crowned figures) have in common with such notorious personalities as Valentino, Fairbanks, Gable, Astaire, Cooper, Olivier, Coward, Dietrich – not to mention Paul Bettany, Daniel Craig, Jude Law, and David Beckham? What unites these icons in a common tradition, and to what ends?