Kinship in Vietnam

In anthropology, “Kinship” refers to the web of social relationships that form an important part of the lives of most humans in most societies, although its exact meanings even within this discipline are often debated.

Melbourne Graffiti – Episode 2

Graffiti exists as a paradoxical phenomenon, as both aesthetic practice and criminal activity. Its practitioners often vigorously assert its visual merit and its cultural value. Its detractors recommend its removal from urban streetscapes and the prosecution of graffiti writers, considered as vandals.

Melbourne Graffiti – Episode 1

Let’s forget about the color for a minute [we all know that is a sensation created by light]. So let’s turn off the light to focus on art installation conceptual understanding: Melbourne Graffiti.

Stéphane Ferrero – Episode 3

Famous characters from the famous period of the “Three Kingdoms” in the Chinese History travel to the future. They are visiting and yet witnessing what the land they fought for, has become…

Stéphane Ferrero – Episode 2

This series is a tribute to the masters: painters or photographers, who influenced our visual universe and eventually shaped Arts, as we know it today.

Stéphane Ferrero – Episode 1

I first became interested in photography but also in all forms of art in high school while I was in a special class, studying Fine Arts and Art History as a major. Since then, I started to record my daily life using a silver film camera and developing myself black and white picture.


Ring is a story about a group of boys under sixteen years old: Zakir, Al-Amin and Rubel. Most of the boys come from an unstable and uncertain life. Dropped out of school because of extreme poverty, their only dream left is to become a boxer. Every day they practice at the Mohammad Ali National Boxing stadium and if they haven’t got bus money they’ll walk the long distance. Zakir has become one of the major boxing players in Bangladesh, winning the gold medal in last year’s BKSP (Bangladesh Sports Education Institute) competition.

The Kingdom

Photography by Georges Ly. Edited by Sanza Bulaya.

Ode à l’élégance

Photography by Georges Ly. Edited by Sanza Bulaya.

Emerger, immerger

Photography by Georges Ly. Text by Sanza Bulaya.