Naked woman in a red hat in luxury interior.
Cinema The art of Pornography
Vintage Bicycle Leaning Against Wall, Black And White
Cinema Neorealismo
Cinema The James Bond franchise
Cinema A colt is my passport – Nikkatsu studio
Old Fashoned Movie Camera
Cinema From Hollywood To Chollywood

The art of Pornography

Does pornography perpetrate sexism? One side suggests pornography objectifies the female species, degradingly viewing them solely in a physical form. The counter argument states that should no form of abuse be present, there is little wrong with a woman’s decision to ply her trade in this industry…


This film, realised during Fascist-era Italy, centres in on the notion of original sin as defined in Judeo-Christian belief, a foundation of Western culture. We see here a man and woman who consciously agree to break the rules of society that define our understanding of good and evil…

The James Bond franchise

On October 5th 1962, a then unknown Sean Connery played the lead role in the UK premier of Dr.No, the first cinematic adaptation of an Ian Fleming novel, which not only changed the face of action movies forever, but gave birth to the greatest franchise in film history, that lives on to this day…

A colt is my passport – Nikkatsu studio

Gang warfare… this film tells the story of a hitman played by Jo Shishido, hired to kill a gang leader in the suburbs of Tokyo…

From Hollywood To Chollywood

China is now officially the world’s second largest film market and is predicted to overtake Hollywood by the end of the decade. With box office receipts rocketing by 30% in 2012 to US $3.3 billion, there are currently ten new film screens opening every day in China…


The Red Circle is the first Melville film that I had seen, and, in addition to Bob to Gambler, also the one which left the greatest impression on me…