Wine… How did it start?

The history of vine and wine is so ancient that it is mixed-up with mankind’s history.

Jade Chiu (Part 3)

Alchemic, evocative body adornments with an Eastern zodiac obsession.

Jade Chiu (Part 2)

Photos are courtesy of Anouk Van Kleef by Paul Morel for FASHIONOGRAPHY

Jade Chiu (Part 1)

Finding herself with a new graphic design degree and a “dot com” job in Silicon Valley, Jade Chiu soon understood that ignoring her fashion design instincts wouldn’t do. So she bought a one-way ticket to NYC and immersed herself into studying fashion and accessories at FIT and Parson’s School of Design.


This film, realised during Fascist-era Italy, centres in on the notion of original sin as defined in Judeo-Christian belief, a foundation of Western culture. We see here a man and woman who consciously agree to break the rules of society that define our understanding of good and evil…

MTV: a pop culture revolution

Designed to expose music videos to a mass audience, MTV popularised a medium that possessed a marketing potential equal to its artistic potential. It operated as a vital promotional platform for global artists and labels alike and became the nucleus of pop culture…

SHADOWS & SILHOUETTES by Sam Tavener – Episode 2

This is my second set in my series of shadows and silhouettes. My intention was to focus more on the contextual connection of the images and bring together a range of different images that illustrate the theme through different means. I always like my work to be able to stand alone as a single image, and I feel this set certainly combines strong single images that have gravitated together through contextual meaning. I also choose to use black and white photos in order to bring these images together further, providing a slight visual relationship.

SHADOWS & SILHOUETTES by Sam Tavener – Episode 1

This short showcase focuses on shadows and silhouettes and I try to encompass a variety of ways in which I observe their behaviour in this world. When shooting people for example, we rely on facial expressions a vast amount of time to tell the story or set the mood. And when this isn’t apparent we turn to other parts of information that are visible, such as body language or the surrounding scene.

Time travel

Today, the practice of collecting information and attempting to spot a pattern or a trend in modern watch design will irresistibly lead you to one consensus: aesthetic appeal over functionality…

A History of Pocket Squares

Origins of the pocket square date back to the ancient Greeks, when the wealthy would carry perfumed handkerchiefs on their person as early as 500 B.C…

Kinship in Vietnam

In anthropology, “Kinship” refers to the web of social relationships that form an important part of the lives of most humans in most societies, although its exact meanings even within this discipline are often debated.

Is China the new El Dorado of wine?

Jean Gabin once infamously said, “The day I drink milk is the day cows eat grapes.” An elegant saying, indeed, showing that wine is not only the drink of choice in France, but an integral part of everyday life…