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by The Mild High Club

from the album Skiptracing


by The Mild High Club

from the album Skiptracing

T’Raenon (Version)

by Photek

from the vinyl T’Raenon

In The Air I II III

by Tim Hecker

from the album Ravedeath, 1972 (2011)

Fast Train

by Solomon Burke

from the album Don’t Give Up On Me (2002)

Will I Dream?

by Andy Rantzen

from Oz Waves LP

More Than A Woman 

by Bee Gees

from the Singnle More Than A Woman (1977)


by Bee Gees

from the album Odessa (1970)


by Elisa Waut

from Elisa Waut LP (1985)

Double Heart

by Robert Rental

from the Single Double Heart (1980)


by Malo

from the album Malo (1972)

Ray Charles

by Cee-Roo

from the album Memories

Just The Two Of Us

by Will Smith

from the album Big Willie Style (1997)


by Ginuwine

from the album Ginuwine… The Bachelor (1996)


by Mia Dora

from Un.Sub EP

You Can’t Hide From Yourself

by Teddy Pendergrass

from the album Teddy Pendergrass (1977)

Drain This Lord


from the album Linear S Decoded (2014)

Im Sommer War Das Gras So Tief

by Siedlerheim

from Westhafen LP (2009)

Anneka’s Battle

by Forest Swords

from the album Engravings (2013)

Sound In a Dark Room

by Telefon Tel Aviv

from the album Map Of What Is Effortless (2004)

Isabelle and The Rain

by Jo Boyer

from Isabelle And The Rain (1978)

Two Nights High

by Brother G

from Silent Movie Sounds I (2013)


by Colin Potter

from the album A Gain (1982)


by Holy Language

from the album Choose Your Own (1996)

The Rhythm

by Steve Poindexter

from Short Circuit (1989)

Rave (Dirt Mix)

by Head High

from Do It Yourself (Original Mix) / Rave (Dirt Mix)

Mouth to Mouth (Original Mix)

by Audion

from Mouth To Mouth Remixes (2007)

Speechless (Feat Carl Craig)

by Agoria

from the album Impermanence


by Leonardo Gonnelli

from Tonada EP


by Colin Potter

from the album A Gain (1982)

Shadows From Nowhere

by Blue Gas

from the vinyl Shadows From Nowhere (1984)

Shoulders Back

by Leif

from July V / Shoulders Back

Epoetin Alfa

by Lust For Youth

from the album International


by Lust For Youth

from the album International

UK Spring Vibes 

by Levon Vincent

from Dekmantel 10 Years 03

Systemagic (Hannah Holland Remix)

by Goldfrapp

from Systemagic / Anymore (Remixes Pt. 1)

WR002 – D

by Unknown Artist

from WR002 EP

 Avant March

by Gay Marvine

from Bath House Etiquette Vol. 8

Space Bass

by Slick

from Slick LP