Kusakabe Kimbei (1841-1934) was a Japanese photographer who learned his trade as an assistant to Felice Beato, the pioneering photojournalist who came to Japan to document its people and their culture. Japan had just been through a civil war that led to the restoration of imperial rule. The country had also been forced—under the shadow of U.S. Navy battleships—to open trading routes with America. This new trade brought technology, tourism, and for some, the opportunity to turn imposition to advantage. And that’s what Kimbei did.After learning all that he could from Beato, Kimbei established his own photographic studio in Yokohama in 1881. Kimbei had a natural talent for art and had spent part of his time coloring Beato’s photographs. Hand painting photographs was a way of redefining the medium and adding “an artistic Japanese intervention to Western technology.”

GOETZE / Le nouveau vestiaire berlinois
DESIGN SCENE STYLE – Backlight story
Photographer Ludovica Arcero
Model Nastya Kulakova
Stylist Aureliano Quattrone
Make-Up Francesa Vinciguerra
Sara Blomqvist by Nicholai Fischer
Editorial Twilight Girl
Model Sara Blomqvist
Photographer Nicholai Fischer
Bruegel by Anna Paduch & Mateusz Koltunowicz
Photographer Anna Paduch
Models Olga at Neva Models, Jacob and Michal
Stylist Mateusz Koltunowicz
Make-Up Kamila Samselska
Hair Kamil Pecka
Design SCENE Magazine‘s August 2017 – The Wild Ones story
Photographer Adriano Russo
Stylist Emily Lee
Makeup Artist Giulia Cigarini
Hair Stylist Dora Roberti
Models Babette Strijbos, Nova Orchid and Yudu Zeng
Post Production Pixzone
Design SCENE Magazine‘s August 2017 – Start Fresh story
Photographer Daniela Glunz 
Fashion Stylist Sayuri Bloom
Model Alexa Corlett 
Makeup Artist Kamila Forini
Hair Stylist Adam Garland
Rare and Wonderful Color Portraits of Greeks in the 1920s
Maynard Owen Williams was a National Geographic correspondent from 1919. He was an inveterate traveller who began traveling in his teens, explored Asia and witnessed the Russian Revolution, among other adventures.
Williams was the Geographic’s first foreign correspondent, and his reports include a description of the opening of the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1923.

FRAME DENIM Autumn Winter 2017 campaign

 Photographer BRUCE WEBER
Stylist Ana Brillembourg
WSJ. September Issue
Photographer Mario Sorrenti
Models Faretta, Kiki Smith, Mark Bradford, Lola Montez Schnabel
Design SCENE Magazine‘s August 2017 – The Widower story
Photographer Remi Rebillard
Models Sofie Theobald & Max Von Isser
Creative Direction & Stylist Damien Vaughan Shippee
Make-Up & Hair Liam Dunn

Fucking Young! Online. – Lost on Highway

Photographer & Stylist Denis Gladkov
Grooming Yulia Piganova
Model Matvey Serednev

Fucking Young! Online. – Cool Boys of Istanbul

Photographer Jiyan Kizilboga
Models Arno Ozbil, Salih Topcuoglu, Cuneyt Ceylan
Stylist & Designer Selen Akyuz
Hair Engin Cakmak
Make-Up Ali Cavdir


Yunseo Choi backstage at RCA fashion 2015

Photography Asia Werbel

Photography David Sims, styling Jane How
David Sims in conversation with Aries’ Sofia Prantera
As the two debut a book, they discuss the DIY attitudes of their post-punk generation, how rave transformed the 90s, and the photographic line between empowerment and exploitation
The Artist Painting J.W. Anderson’s Fashionable Figures
Artist and illustrator Kelly Beeman‘s languid, confident figures caught the attention of Jonathan Anderson on Instagram, and now they’ve found their way onto his pieces
J.W. Anderson A/W16
Bill Henson‘s Bewitching ‘Anti-Portraits’ of Ballerinas
The Australian photographer reveals the stories behind his hauntingly beautiful images of dancers in training
From Particle Mist, 2015
Photography by Bill Henson, courtesy of Stanley/Barker
Lanvin Fall Winter 2017.18 Collection
Photographer Paolo Roversi
Model Faretta
Art Direction Ronnie Cooke-Newhouse
Designer Bouchra Jarrar
Vogue Portugal September 2017 Issue
Photographer An Le
Model Toni Garrn
Stylist Paulo Macareno
Make-Up Niki M’Nray
Hair Nabil Harlow
Casting & Production Victoria Pavon
Images courtesy of An Le –

GIVENCHY Resort 2018 Collection

Discover Givenchy‘s Resort 2018 womenswear collection lookbook featuring models Aymeline Valade, Amandine Renard, Theresa Hayes, Geron McKinley, and Victor Perr. In charge of photography were Max von Gumppenberg and Patrick Bienert, with styling from Katy England.

8 Grunge Looks You Need To Release Your Inner Riot Grrrl

schön! Magazine – about a boy. . . about a girl

 Photography / Stephan Ziehen
Fashion / Rike Schlueter @ Kult Artists
Models / Luisa Weissflog @ Spendide Models
John @ PMA
Hair / Jesus Rodriguez for Goldwell
Make-Up / Isabel Eiler for Sisley Cosmetics @ Kult Artists
SEX: The Fashion Boutique That Made Punk Mainstream
As a countercultural movement, punk is equally remembered for its powerful music as it is for the eccentric outfits worn by its members. The bright colored mohawks, piercings, tattoos, leather jackets, and combat boots came to define an era where conservative governments drove young people to seek expression through rebellion and a defiant attitude against the establishment.
Comme des Garçons
Nick Knight and stylist Katie Shillingford unite to celebrate key pieces from Comme des Garçons‘ A/W 16 collection. Rei Kawakubo‘s bubblegum pinks and architectural structures inform the shoot’s fantastical, piquant aesthetic. Whimsical make-up by Isamaya Ffrench adds to the effect.
Schön online exclusive – just hung around
Photography / Fabien Dumas
Fashion / Alexandra Ryzow
Model / Sofia Fanego @ Silent Models
Hair & Make Up / Sandra Lamzabi
Schön! Magazine – poppy fields
Photography / Williams + Hirakawa
Fashion / Tracy Cyprow
Model / Amy Hixson @ Vision LA
Hair / Amber Duarte
Make Up / Gia Harris


Photographer Steph Wilson, Stylist Tereza Ortiz

Photos that bring mental health issues to life.

“You fall in love with your anxiety as much as you learn to despise it” – Steph Wilson

Blissful Escapism and a Photographic Trip to Marseille

Simon Porte Jacquemus and his many collaborators present an idyllic vision of his south of France hometown

Fucking Young! Online.
Love is Not Crime by Adriano B.
Photographer King Yip
Model Lorens Miklsavics
Stylist David Lin
Grooming Manuel Montanari

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