An extensive project, which has continuous substance in my life, is Journeys. It is a subject that branches out in numerous directions and can incorporate an extensive range of ideas, focuses, and ways in which to tackle the subject. To brainstorm this subject, one would need a canvas of a colossal size. So I have pruned these branches in order for a condensed version. And frankly, I don’t want to write an essay about it, and you definitely don’t want to read it.

So I will introduce the third set:

Set 3 – Passions and Challenges

This set is dedicated to people’s various self-appointed passions and focuses that they undertake throughout their life.

I feel any drive in a particular field initially starts with a basic individual enjoyment and satisfaction from an activity. But of course, other elements are involved in order to motivation people to continue this path.

This uninterrupted journey eventually turns into a road of passion and contest. And when people attain this passion they likely set certain goals. They devote a lot of time and energy to it; it can almost consume you (in a positive way, usually). This ultimately results in development and a deeper connection and respect to the activity.

These pursuits can also be an escape from reality for many, a place and time to be at one with yourself and a lot of the time also providing a union with the power of nature… it’s can be extremely grounding.

In some instances we are able to obtain a state of calmness, almost meditational. A feeling of oneness and purpose. Thus providing a platform for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

It establishes a journey of self-reflection, a challenging time where we travel over the bumpy road of highs and lows, looking deep down into our souls, questioning our character, our faith, drive and persistence, pushing our limits… challenging and testing the only person we really can… ourselves. A journey of true self-discovery.

Sam Tavener

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