The Artist

Yueh-Ling Huang just graduated from the Fashion Design department of Shih Chien University in Taiwan. Thanks to her passion and exquisite talent, Yueh-Ling Huang was invited to participate as a designer in the Beijing Fashion Week and she also made three apparitions into the final stage of the Shih Chien University Fashion Week competition for students. Now she keeps crafting her skills and her creativity for Fashion, working as a Fashion Product Planner and as a model.

The style of Yueh-Ling

The inspiration of this collection comes from the meaning of the designer’s name: “ Yueh-Ling”. In Chinese, “Yueh” means “mountain” and something “stable”. Then, “Ling” means “gazelle”, something with “life” and “full of energy”. Throughout the meaning and the essence of her name, the designer Yueh-Ling Huang found the relation between her name, the Japanese culture and tradition of dry landscape garden. Therefore, she combined the images of a Japanese dry landscape garden mixed with some vivid colors. In terms of fabrics, she used some embroideries and some folded effects.

Yueh-Ling’s desire is to create a unique style that is her signature, her voice, her footprint that can authentically express who she is and what she loves.

  • Designer/ Yueh-Ling Huang
  • Photographer/ Ernie Chang
  • Models/ Yueh-Ling Huang, Daisy

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