An extensive project, which has continuous substance in my life, is Journeys. It is a subject that branches out in numerous directions and can incorporate an extensive range of ideas, focuses, and ways in which to tackle the subject. To brainstorm this subject, one would need a canvas of a colossal size. So I have pruned these branches in order for a condensed version. And frankly, I don’t want to write an essay about it, and you definitely don’t want to read it.

So I will introduce the first set:


It’s probably a lot simpler if bullet point my thoughts and motivations for this set as it combines a variety of aspects fused together into a singular visual narrative. And this way I won’t babble on while trying to cleverly connect everything in an intelligent sounding short article/worded structure/arrangement

  1. Firstly, this exhibits physical journeys one can take, but during this time, and through the scenarios listed below, one will naturally experience a journey of the mind and emotions as well.
  2. I’m definitely not alone when I say I like to travel, explore, and go on an adventure. This represents that passion and showcases a few places I have ventured… whether it’s travelling abroad or just exploring a new way of getting to the train station.
  3. You may notice there are a few photos of the same location (albeit at different time of the year). The path is the same, but for me, it’s always a different journey. Whenever I start any journey I am still heading into the unknown future. I also find that on these initially routine and somewhat mundane journeys, life can throw a surprise twist of direction… experience has told me that is usually due to the people you meet, and whose path crosses and sometimes becomes entwined with your own.
  4. I have walked the same path as many, but of course our journeys vary, and sometimes immensely. Being witness to others’ journeys can bring perspective to my own. A mixture of sympathy, empathy, and envy can proceed to take place all from the same place.
  5. Some of these locations exhibited are extremely famous, while others, while not as well known, are also filled with history and incidents that will never be forgotten. It’s humbling to be in that position where my journey easily transcends my physicality and journeys much deeper within. It brings a lot of thought and feeling into focus.
  6. Simply: Every journey starts with that first step. This set portrays that step.

Sam Tavener

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